Cemetery Ordinance-pdf


  • Lots
    $500 for residents or property owners in Sims or Whitney Townships
    $800 for all others
  • Grave Openings
    $500 regular burial – Winter rates $650
    $125 cremation burial
  • Sunday and Holiday burials $100.00 additional
  • Permits
    $10 for headstone foundation permits
    (All headstones must have foundations)
  • Re-Deeds
    $10 when lots are resold by private individuals
    (Lots not sold by the clerk/sexton)

Lots may be purchased from the Sims Township Clerk. Arrangements can be made by calling the office at 989-876-8631. The Clerk is normally in the office on Tuesday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Arrangements for burial or any work activity at the cemetery should be made with the Sims Township Clerk/Sexton, Judy Mackie.
She may be reached at the Sims Township Office 989-876-8631 which is located at Delano Rd. and US23.

In the event of an emergency she may be reached at her home, 989-397-4058.

Any permanent rearrangements, construction, or planting other than normal and customary decorations must be approved by the Sexton and the Joint Sims/Whitney Boards.

March 2017

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