Sims Township

Sims Township Hall & Water Dept
4489 E Huron Rd, Au Gres, MI 48703
Ph: 989-876-8631 – Fax: 989-876-2777


Legislative Body – In this general law township we have five elected officials which make up the board of trustees. They each have an equal vote in all matters brought before the board. They are elected to four year terms in the presidential election year. They consist of the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and Two Trustees.

Planning Commission – This state mandated board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Board of Trustees. They serve three year terms and must be reappointed by the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for the creation of the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance. They work under the authority and direction of the current Zoning and Enabling Act of the State of Michigan.

Board of Review– This board consists of three members who review appeals from property tax payers in the township. They also approve the tax roll in the township. They are appointed yearly by the Board of Trustees.

Zoning Board of Appeals – This board consists of five members. They are created under authority of the Zoning and Enabling Act of the State of Michigan. They review and rule on citizen requests for variances to the Zoning Ordinance.

Cemetery and Transfer Station Board – This board consists of the combined boards of trustees of Sims and Whitney Townships. This board meets quarterly, with special meetings as necessary to handle the matters of the Cemetery and Transfer Station which are jointly owned and operated by the townships.

Sims/Whitney Water Authority – This board consists of four voting members. Two members are from each respective township, an alternate member is also appointed from each township. They meet monthly to handle matters involving the processing and distribution of domestic water to the water towers in both townships. (The Sims Board of Trustees handles all matters from the water tower to the residents including billing.)

AuGres/Sims/Whitney Fire Board – consists of eight members, two from each municipality involved. (AuGres City, AuGres Twnp., Sims Twnp., Whitney Twnp.) These appointees serve six year terms.

AuGres/Sims Police Board – Sims Township has two representatives on this board with the City of Au Gres.

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Sims Township
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